The 8 Best Apps for Job-Hunting University Students

An issue that plagues the lives of most students when they graduate is finding a job. After spending several years studying and carefully selecting ones majors, students, naturally, want to be able to get a good job that meets their needs. These requirements can be related to the industry they will eventually work in, the salary and compensation they will receive and the kinds of flexibility they will get in terms of timings. Going down the traditional route of job hunting can be a tedious and cumbersome task – many recent graduates often struggle with having to send their CVs to several employers and never hearing back from them. Months are often spent tracking down good jobs through ones networks or university career fairs, often to no avail. Another issue students encounter is the requirement of certain employers that students have a number of years of experience in the relevant field – this can be near to impossible for recent graduates since this means students have to get jobs while they are studying. It cannot always be easy for current students to find and get jobs, given their lack of exposure and active networking. However, with the advent of websites and applications, the process of job hunting has become several times easier! By simply downloading an app to one’s phone, and with the touch of just a few buttons, students are able to find jobs in no time! In fact, surveys have found that 78% of Millennials used their mobile devices to find jobs as of 2016 and these figures are on an upward trajectory. Some of the most popular apps that students use are:  

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn has long been a paramount for job seeking individuals and their app allows you to find career opportunities near you using a location-based search. LinkedIn Job Search lets you look for jobs based on title, location and keywords; you can also save jobs and resume applying later on. The best feature of LinkedIn Job Search is that you can continue to use it without your network knowing about your job-seeking activities – everything is private from your network so you can continue your pursuits. Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  


This is a great app for accessing job listings as they happen, as well as reviewing jobs on the basis of location, job title and company. The best feature of Glassdoor is that it allows you to read company reviews from current employees about work environment, their experiences and salary & benefits as well. Not only can you follow companies to get the latest updates, you can also utilize their “Know Your Worth” feature to gauge what your market value should be! Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  

CareerBuilder Job Search

CareerBuilder provides customizable job search options based on job title, location and keywords from an extensive list of available employment opportunities. You can find jobs nearby, a feature greatly beneficial for students, or even across the country; either way, you can utilize the Job Tracker to keep track of the places you have applied to and get alerts whenever new job listings appear that are similar to your previous ones. Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  


Snag, previously Snagajob, allows you to find full-time and part-time jobs near you. Students and graduates can benefit from the ability to find work with flexible hours and compatibility with ones’ personality. The job hunt is made easy using Career Search & Job Finding tools like location, keywords, map search and jobs suitable for teenagers and students. Additionally, job application tools are also made use of – allowing for status updates on job applications and the ability to save a job you like so you may apply later on. The best feature of Snag is the Employee personality quiz(zes) which match you to jobs that are the perfect fit for you while also letting you showcase your personality to potential recruiters through a profile video. Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  

ZipRecruiter Job Search

Another app students often make use of is ZipRecruiter. Using this, you can search hundreds of job boards instantly and get daily updates on jobs you have been matched to. Additionally, you get notified when your resume has been viewed and you can easily save jobs and apply to them at a later time. Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  

Monster Job Search/ JobR

This app is vastly popular amongst students who are on the lookout for work – it claims to get interviews faster than any other app! You can use filters for specific roles and location settings to narrow down the job options presented to you, thus making the process so much easier. The best feature of Monster Job Search/ JobR is that you can easily swipe right on jobs you want to apply to and swipe left on ones you want to forego. Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  

Indeed Job Search

Indeed is another tool that is popular amongst students. Among its many features, you can search for jobs easily using your device’s GPS to find opportunities near you while also filtering according to title, company and location. Indeed lets you make a Resume that you can send to each potential employer, allowing for a personalized message for each. Other features of Indeed include the ability to save recent job searches and favorite jobs, follow companies and get the latest updates and have updates and new job postings delivered to your inbox. The best feature they have to offer is the full description of the job posting on the preview page, as well as a look into how the company is rated by employees which will assist you in making your decision. Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store  

Glydr App

Glydr App is a job board where students can find internships, part-time work, freelance work, full-time work, and internships easily. Currently operating in the US, Glydr connects employers on the lookout for skilled workers with college and university students nearest to them. You can easily browse job postings and filter through the options to find the perfect one that meets your needs. Additionally, students can communicate with other students or employers through the instant messaging feature; thus, giving you instant updates. The best feature is that students can make a personalized profile with all their information and upload their CV; you can get testimonials from past employers to build a reputation through the acquisition of positive reviews. An interesting feature of Glydr is its double role – it allows students to act as employers and hire other students for work as well! Cost: Free Available on: App Store & Play Store

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