5 Hottest On-Demand Jobs for Students

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, 77.6 percent of the recipients of bachelor’s degrees in 2017 were employed shortly after their graduation. Adding to this statistic is the fact that, in 2017, an astounding 51 percent of youth between the ages of 16-24 were employed, either full-time or part-time.

These numbers point to the fact that students are in high demand in the workforce in the United States, with a large percentage of students doing part-time work, freelancing or working remotely while they are still enrolled in college or university. The main reason why students are such important assets to organizations is because they offer a fresh perspective on things. In fields that require creativity and innovation, young minds are vital in bringing up new ideas and applying their knowledge on existing aspects of the job. Additionally, certain jobs can provide students with flexibility that allows them to juggle their course load alongside their workload simultaneously.

Here are five of the hottest, in-demand jobs for students:

1. Customer Service

According to Careerbuilder, 28% of the businesses they surveyed claimed they were planning on recruiting students and recent graduates into customer service. This is because students tend to have great communication and negotiation skills, something they learn through their interactions with different people in college and university. Jobs in customer service could include working in a call center or managing the social media presence of a brand – these jobs require someone who is good at conflict resolution and multitasking, both things that young people are generally skilled in.

There’s a degree of flexibility in terms of timings and allows for the possibility of working remotely, hence making jobs in this industry desirable for students too.


2. Information Technology

This field has been growing consistently over the past five years, overlapping with other fields of work as well. This is another line of work that thrives on creativity and innovation, which is why students are increasingly becoming a part of the world of computer sciences.  Jobs in the field of information technology span over a number of domains including education, law, entertainment, and medicine among others. Students often opt towards learning web development, data analysis or skills in video and photo editing – all of which are fairly flexible and innovative career choices for them.  The demand for fresh young talent is ever increasing and continues to benefit from the inclusion of students into this growing industry.

3. Food Services

This industry, including restaurants and hotels, is always demanding staff that can work part-time and at flexible timings to meet their needs. The kinds of jobs the food services industry entails is food preparations in kitchens, dishwashers, servers, bus people, as well as greeters and bartenders.

The food service industry is often in need of students who can work at timings that suit them both – this feature is beneficial for students since they can opt for shifts before or after their classes for the day. Not only is the demand in the food services industry high, it’s mutually beneficial for the student to work a few hours and earn a good amount of money to meet their personal needs too.


4. Hospitality and Recreation

Jobs in hotels and resorts come under the banner of hospitality and tourism. Work is plentiful, especially during summer months, since students can work as bus people in hotels, lifeguards, in leisure or recreation parks, as well as in spas. Students often have good communication skills and have outgoing personalities – two things that are required for a job like this.


5. Business and Financial Services

This is another ambit that utilizes the skills and knowledge offered by students to a great extent. Whether in the domain of marketing, finance or human resources, students have a lot to offer to businesses and startups. In the United States, business is the most popular major amongst students – and it is no surprise, since there are so many versatile jobs in the industry. Whether the job is to market products innovatively, managing the financial records of a firm or devising new ways to increase objectivity in hiring processes, business students are always in high demand due to the creativity they bring to the table!

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