The One Job Hunting App Students Need

If you’re a student, currently enrolled in college or university, you must be all too familiar with the struggle of finding jobs that can accommodate for your busy schedule packed with classes and assignments. Life as a student can be tough and having a job to sustain oneself through it is equally important.

For this particular reason, remote work has been gaining popularity lately. It offers such great opportunities for students since they are given the kind of freedom they need to juggle their university and work lives simultaneously.

As the name suggests, remote work can be done from anywhere in the world. One can benefit from this feature of such work because it frees them of the constraints of set work timings and the need to be at the work place during those hours.

Several websites, apps and job boards have come up over time, offering job seekers an easy way to find jobs instead of the usual means. Here are some of the most popular ones along with the niches they operate in:

  1. LinkedIn: This website is widely employed by HR and hiring managers to scope out potential employees. It’s not confined to any specific niche when it comes to types of job, level of experience or target market, providing a wholesome job-hunting experience for anyone!
  3. Indeed: Another popular website for individuals searching for work, Indeed provides a comprehensive and efficient means of looking for work in several domains.
  5. Dice: If you’re looking for a job specifically in tech, this is the place for you. It helps you narrow down jobs near you according to what you’re looking for exactly!
  7. The Ladders: While you can find an abundance of tech jobs on here, the only catch is that they’re mostly higher level jobs that usually appeal to individuals with greater work experience.
  9. FlexJobs: This website offers job posts in tech, among other categories, and is set apart because it offers remote work opportunities. One catch, however, is that you have to pay a membership fee to access complete job details.

If you’re interested in more job-searching apps or websites, check this out:

Now that we’ve walked through some of the most popular websites and job boards for job-hunting individuals, we notice that they don’t always cater to a specific niche.

It serves a niche market

That’s where Glydr comes in; focusing on a particular group of individuals who are eager to work and looking for jobs that will suit them: students.

How is Glydr different

What sets Glydr apart from the others is that it serves the purpose of bridging the gap between college & university students and employers who are looking for work. And that’s not all.. it’s specifically for work that can be done remotely!

This is a great feature for students who need this flexibility in timing and freedom to do the work from their home/dorm room.

Finding job opportunities in the most lucrative field today

It’s no surprise that the youth is tech savvy, so why not benefit from this skill? Glydr helps students find remote work in the domain of tech and information technology (IT). Students can utilize their knowledge and abilities to do a number of different kinds of jobs within this domain: Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Web & App Development, Virtual Assistance, Content Writing & Strategy, and Video Editing & Animation.

Entry-level jobs

In this ever-expanding field of technology, students can easily find entry-level jobs that require little to no experience, as opposed to the daunting demand for 2-3 years of experience in the field. This is ideal for students who are looking for ways to earn while they’re still studying, without their part-time work becoming an overbearing burden for them!    

While there are numerous apps and websites that help individuals find work, this award winning app is very specific in what it does: helping students find remote work in the field of tech!

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