The One Degree Students Should Be Pursing Right Now

In the changing world of today, students have an array of vastly different degrees and career options at their disposal. While passion and desire to work in a certain field of study act as some motivation towards one’s selection of it, the returns we hope to derive from our work are also very important predictors of our ultimate choice. Very often, we see students flocking towards degrees that are popular at the time and are seen as growing fields. However, the pitfall of following the status quo in choosing one’s field of study is that it can dissipate just as suddenly as it came to the fore.

College and university students often struggle to figure out the best degree to attain – one that will be able to get them job opportunities and maintain a steady income; it is difficult to predict whether the field you are selecting will remain relevant when your two to four years of education have wrapped up. One field that has stood the test of time, gaining popularity steadily over the past few decades, has been that of information technology and computer sciences.

DataUSA notes that, as of 2016, 1.85 million people from the field of computer sciences comprised the workforce. These staggering numbers lend to the idea that a degree in this field is not only lucrative and productive, but also multifaceted. With a degree in computer sciences, students can turn towards academia, artificial intelligence, graphic designing, communications, and software engineering to name a few!

The skills inculcated through the study of this degree are diverse and may be applied to the changing world of today. In this oft-changing and fast paced world, people are always looking for newer and quicker ways to do things; the need for these innovations leads to the birth of revolutionary ideas that have transformed life as we know it. This means that there is an ever-increasing demand for computer science graduates and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!

Employment website, Glassdoor, revealed in their annual survey that many of the year’s top jobs were in the field of technology. Adding to this, a survey found that 53% of all students took at least on computer science class, despite pursuing different majors. In his report of the survey, Parcell’s claimed this was done “oftentimes with the express purpose of standing out in the job market.” Thus, a degree, or even a few courses, in the field of computer sciences can result in a distinguishing edge for the student.

With numerous top-tier colleges offering degrees in the field, coupled with its growing integration into commerce, banking and everyday life, it is no surprise that a degree in computer sciences is a good indicator of success in employment, income and job satisfaction measures. Accenture’s former Global Head of Recruiting, Jennifer Carpenter, revealed that the future of hiring was above and beyond the simple process of forwarding one’s resume to a potential employer – it was a digitized process that will take into account the candidate’s potential.

With the advent of technology into the field of recruitment and job search, application’s like Glydr prove that these tools serve as necessary factors in connecting employers and potential employees, ensuring the best possible match can be made!

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