What You Should Know When You’re Hiring Someone

Just as difficult as it is to find a job that suits your skill set and needs, looking for the perfect candidate to hire can be just as challenging. In today’s ever-changing landscape of the workplace, employers are always on the lookout for the latest skills and the best knowledge that will boost their productivity.

While a few decades ago, recruitment and talent acquisition processes were long drawn out and grueling, taking months to sift through resumes and finding a candidate that best matched the job description of the position, companies have kept at pace with the latest technologies to make the process as efficient as possible.

Dell Chairman and CEO, Michael Dell, and his company share a similar philosophy regarding the benefits of technologies, like mobile apps and websites can be for recruiters: “Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents.”

That’s where mobile applications like Glydr come in – as jobs move to the realm of remote work and telecommuting, websites and apps have made it so much easier for employers to recruit individuals. Here are some ways in which employers benefit from using apps to find job seekers for remote work:

Cost Efficient

Traditional hiring processes can be very costly, with initial assessment centers, testing, several rounds of interviews and the countless other steps along the way proving to be an expensive endeavor to hire just one individual. With the ease of browsing through several applicants to find the best fit, the cost of hiring goes down considerably for employers. This saving can be employed elsewhere to profit the company instead of futile expenses in the hiring process!

Direct Process

Gone are the days when companies would hire third party recruitment agencies to hire the most suitable talent for them; such a system was bound to be riddled with inefficiencies and communication gaps between what the employer wanted and what they were presented with. This is the reason why the direct process of acquiring talent, made easy by apps and websites, is so great for employers!

They can conveniently narrow down candidates based on exactly what they’re looking for, without the hassle of a third party being involved!

Easy Navigation

Apps and websites are often divided into several categories and give employers the freedom to customize their searches and narrow down potential candidates. Glydr, for instance, divides all job posts into six categories: social media management, content writing & strategy, virtual assistants, graphic design, animations & video editing, and web & app development.

Diverse applicant pool

As Georgetown University research found a couple of years ago, about 70% of college students work while enrolled in classes; this offers a great pool of applicants for companies to search from. Students currently enrolled in college degree programs can offer an insight into market demographics and possess an acute knowledge of the latest trends and skills that can bring some much-needed innovation. As a generation that was raised with this technology, students are quick learners and can offer a great deal, especially in the field of technology and IT. Students also tend to be more flexible with timings and can help take the company to the next level with their creative insight!

Glydr, the mobile app, widens the available market to students all over the world – this presents employers with countless possible options to choose from and ensures they can pick the person with the best knowledge, skills and abilities!

Ease of use

Making use of apps to find job seekers for remote work is a change that is greatly beneficial for employers everywhere!

The ease of use, in terms of navigation and layout, coupled with the ability to communicate with potential employees in real time makes the process smooth and simple. Another advantage is that it is easy to find out the availability of candidates you’re considering for the job; instead of going through a rigorous process of narrowing down a perfect candidate and then finding out they’re already working somewhere else, mobile apps make it much easier to know the employment status of an individual!

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